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Alec Rossiter


Alec Rossiter is a freelance filmmaker – most recently he edited Artist and Repertoire, a feature music documentary that has been exhibited at major international film festivals – the film was backed by the British Film Institute and is due for theatrical release in 2016.

With over a decade of editing experience, Alec has edited prime time television shows, commercials and digital content.  He has worked in long form, short form, drama and documentary - he specialises in 'offline' editing but also has 'online' editing credits. 

He can edit using Avid, Premiere and Final Cut Pro.  A technical background is complimented by creative ability:

Alec is also a screenwriter - he has written feature screenplays and shorts.  With a tendency to write in the 'magical realism' (fantasy) genre with a strong dose of satirical comedy and romance.  His script Reproduction made it to the final selection round of the 2012 British Independent Film Festival.

Speaking Pictures is Alec's independent production company.  In production is a feature documentary 'It Must Be Said' (produced and directed by Alec Rossiter).

Alec is resident in London but loves travelling.

Background:  Alec began making films in 1999.  He then studied for three years at Westminster Film School, the UK's leading film production degree course that consistently produces Student Academy Award nominated films and Oscar winners including alumni Asif Kapadia.

Alec eagerly entered the broadcast post production sector where he was positioned as a senior edit assistant in major film and TV facilities Molinare and Evolutions - he now works freelance.