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The Man From Mo'Wax

Feature film - documentary.

International theatrical release 2018.

Client:  BFI and Capture.

“Editor Alec Rossiter does admirable work... Exhilarating!” Variety.

“An excellent film.”  The Independent.

“This really is Spinal Rap!” The Guardian.

An epic biographical music documentary, crafted from over 700 hours of archive, observational and interview footage. Charting the extraordinary life of an underground DJ icon, music producer and global trip hop mogul: James Lavelle.

The film was acclaimed at numerous major international film festivals.

**** Total Film
**** Daily Express
**** The Scotsman

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Breaking Habits

Feature film - observational documentary.

International theatrical release 2019.

Client:  Salon Pictures

From the award-winning producers of BAFTA nominated McQueen: A women who suffers from a serious family betrayal becomes a nun and provides marijuana for her destitute Californian community.

"A real life nuns-with-guns movie." Variety.

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Feature film - observational documentary.

Client:  Film-Mode and Lone Rangers Films.

From a BAFTA winning team, the story of three struggling M.J. impersonators who form a tribute band in order to seek fame and fortune... It does not go to plan!